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Indians throughout history have been well known for their advancement in the field of astrology, arithmetic, construction and exquisite architecture even before the Greeks and the Romans. Following this tradition of being the best in astrology is manoj swami ji who at a very young age had special gifts and insights with an understanding and wisdom that others could only wish for in this field. Despite the fact of being of lesser years as compared to others who have already made their mark in area, he has also been able to make his own identity by securing wonderful awards and other acknowledgements. Panditji is not only well known in continent of India alone but also in different parts of the world. He is among the best and famous astrologer in australia and other western countries. He was introduced into the art by his father who is also a renown guruji in the art of controlling others mind and black magic. After gradually growing in the art and achieved several awards with recognition from famous organization in the country.

The study of the planets, stars and the sun with respond to the birth date and time for prediction of the future which are most prcised and accurate. The whole process of studying the motion of the constellation and the sun and moon has come down from generation from the early Vedic period. Charts with the exact calculation of the movements of the heavenly bodies which will for tell the good and the bad luck or things that will happen along with the luck and lucky stuffs such as date, number, month, chars such as stones to any other object which will be in relation to the person. With more and more people who are keen to know what lies tomorrow and the accuracy in his prediction has made the famous astrologer the most wanted in the beautiful city of the kangaroo. He can bring about lost love or an issue which needs proper attention rather than create some unnecessary tension in people's life.


What Our Clients Say ?


  My partner was not getting agreed for the love marriage. Thus I have consulted astrologer about this problem his remedies make me to agree him for the love marriage easily. 

Tarun Thakur

  I was not able to clear competitive exam, thus after consulting Pandit ji about this problem. He gives remedies after performing which i am able to clear an exam to get admission. 


  There was no growth in my business from many years, I have discussed problem with pandit ji. He give me astrological remedies & after performing those I see growth in my business.  

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